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The Origins of Monica's Mixing Bowl

Monica’s Mixing Bowl aims to bring a healthy dose of fun education to family entertainment, focusing on the idea of "making friends with food" (both with the food itself, and through sharing it with others). Monica Willey comes from a long line of teachers and has always understood the power of education. However, it wasn’t until pursuing her graduate degree at Brown/Trinity Rep that she explored her baking passions and found herself an actor/singer/baker by trade.

After completing graduate school, Monica spent time babysitting. Baking with the kids she babysat presented a challenge-- many of them had food allergies and dietary restrictions.  Noticing there wasn’t a program to help children and families understand such issues, Monica created one of her own, enlisting friends near and far to help with the concept and stumbling upon collaborator Stacey Weingarten through a mutual friend.  Stacey proved to be the catalyst the project called for; she filled in missing pieces that would help Monica’s Mixing Bowl move from concept to reality.
Today Monica, Stacey, and the whole MMB team strive to empower families not only with knowledge about food but also tolerance and understanding of others’ dietary needs.  Through puppets, music, and song, Monica’s Mixing Bowl will help you to make friends with food!

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